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Your success is our priority, because “life all comes down to a few moments. This is one of them.”

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Found in the 1990s, GLOBEVISA is the First-class, Virtuous, Sophisticated Immigration Brand in the business. Our professionalism is recognized by the Chinese Ministry of Public Security. GLOBEVISA has received national qualifications on immigration, and the company has become a council member of the Beijing Entry & Exit Service Association since 2002. GLOBEVISA has been established for over 12 years, with over 1,200 staffs, including 132 foreign lawyers, previous immigration lawyers, and over 800 administrative officers spreader across the world, in our 26 worldwide branches, the company has created over 150 thousand successful immigration cases around the world.

Our Success Story
CHINA Biggest Immigration Company
Company found in the 1990s, based in China.
Started with Canada immigration programs, known for document preparation excellence
National qualifications on immigration from Chinese Ministry of Public Security
Council member of the Beijing Entry & Exit Service Association since 2002
Dealt with more than 150 thousand cases
Global & Industry Recognition
Has over 1,200 staffs, including 132 foreign lawyers, previous immigration lawyers, and over 800 administrative officers
Received awards including: UK Immigration Lawyer Association Outstanding Contribution Award, Valued Partner, Remarkable Market Shares , etc.
26 World-Wide Branches & Comprehensive Services
GLOBEVISA Group provides a world-only systematic process follow up program to ensure application time frame.
Company Awards
  • Spanish Authorized Official Accreditation Barcelona Property Investment
  • Pafilia - Valued Partner
  • National Bank Financial Remarkable Market Shares Certificate Honor on QIIP Program
  • UK Immigration Lawyer Association Outstanding Contribution Award
  • Member of Law Institute of Victoria Australia Cooperation Certificate
  • MM2H Annual Conference Best MM2H Service Award 2015
Passport & citizenship Program - Usage tutorial on dual passport; enter & exit guide - Extensive usage on tax planning and CRS solution
Intra Company Transfer/ Entrepreneur program - One of few consultation agency operating this program - Assist on preparing all necessary
Asset Management Program - Taxpayer Identification Number and Account opening - Asset transferring and management consultation
Investment/Skilled Immigration Program - Large sum of quota reserved on specific programs - Substantial Market Share and successful rate - In cooperation with development companies and fund companies
Our Company Mission
To Provide Round The World Accessibility And Settlement
To Develop World-Wide Branches & Immigration Programs
Let Every Client Find Fitting Immigration Program In GLOBEVISA
Our Company Vision
More than just a ticket to your destination, in fact, our products are the ride to bring you to desired places
We provide products to secure future. This is so much more than just to obtain a visa.
All-rounded services, ranging residency to asset management, as well as dealing with tax concerns, settling with children’s overseas study, parents and spouse
Passport & Citizenship Program Malta, Vanuatu, Cyprus, Saint Kitts & Nevis, Dominica, Antigua, Grenada
Skilled Worker Immigration program China, Canada (Quebec, Saskatchewan ), USA, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Australia
Immigration By Investment Program United Kingdom, Spain, Greece, Canada (Quebec , Saskatchewan), USA, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland Portugal, Malta, Korea
Overseas Education Program Canada, Australia, USA, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong
Entrepreneur program Japan, France, UK, USA, Canada (Manitoba, Saskatchewan), New Zealand, China Hong Kong, Ireland, Netherland, Italy, Singapore, Germany
Tax Planning & Asset Management Program Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore
GLOBEVISA Immigration Crew A Strong Team Consist of Previous Immigration Officers,Lawyers and Partners
GLOBEVISA Group Professional Project Developing Team :
Team of immigration Lawyers, Business & investment Specialists to ensure the safety,
legitimacy and successful rate of each project
GLOBEVISA Group maintains Close Relationship with government officials:
Deeply rooted partnership and long term partnership with consulate, immigration officers
and government officials in over 19 countries
Strong Team Consist of Previous Immigration Officers,Lawyers and Partners
  • The absolute energetic team! GLOBEVISA Group has organized different after-work team building activities!
  • The absolute professional team around the world are able to provide 24 hours unified professional service over all 28 directly affiliated Branches!
  • Specific Project manager of each program supervise visa application progress. They provide logistic solutions according to case situation; Actions to resolve all technical issues.
  • GLOBEVISA Group has 800 professional administrative officers, 132 foreign lawyers, more than 19 former immigration officers
Our Mobile Immigration Tools GLOBEVISA Develop Systems
Mobile Assessment Feature

Clients can fill-in assessment forms to know their eligibilities on GLOBEVISAs’ mobile station

Program comparison

Clients can compare program features by program comparison chart and make the best decision

Online Consultation

Connect to consult directly. Complete enquiry online at the conform of your home.

Program Description

Program details available online, providing clearance and save time from researching for hours on your own

Direct Contact

Direct Call, WhatsApp, WeChat group available with consultant and project managers. Know your application status with a flick of your finger

Immigration News

Up to date immigration news, and be informed of any immediate or beforehand policy changes

GLOBEVISA Services Let The World Truly Be Your Place of Living
  • Eligibility Assessment
    Consultants conduct assessment
    Select most suitable program
  • ERP System
    Automatic application status system
    Fixed time frame application
  • 3 Trail System
    Application Screening
    Admins, manager, immigration lawyer before submission
  • Seminars
    Project promotion seminar
    Welfare tax theme salon
    Overseas life sharing
    Overseas education seminar
  • Real Time Communication
    After sales online messenger
    Check progress anytime
    Direct Communication
  • Free Consultation
    Before sales & after status obtain
    Resolve immigration problems
  • Status Usage Guidance
    Life-long passport usage guidance
    Second Passport Enter & exit; CRS; tax planning and etc.
  • Assets Flexibility
    1 year of asset transferring guide
    Safe asset management
  • Landing Service
    On-site inspection plan out
    Accompany by local crew
GLOBEVISA Market Share Over 35% Market Share In The Immigration Industry
Industry Market Share

GLOBAVISA has over forty percent of market share in the Chinese immigration industry, and our overall Global Market Share is at 35%.

GLOBEVISA has built and maintained partnership with fund investment companies and local developers over the years. With the preserved immigration Quota and properties, clients always has the best options and highest success rate. Each program has a successful cases collection allowing clients to better understand the industry influence GLOBEVISA has. With over 97% successful rate, there were only less than 3% decided to withdraw from program due to personal reasons.

Successful Cases Over 3,500 successful cases, and made histories in the immigration industry
Portugal Resident Card Group Application
Vanuatu Citizenship By Investment Group Application
Singapore Entrepreneur Program Approval In Principle
NewZealand Entrepreneur Program Approval In Principle
Hong Kong Quality Migrant Program group
Hungary Immigration Program 100% successful rate
St. Kitts Passport Group Approval
Canada Manitoba Skilled Worker Immigration Program
Hungary Resident Card Group Approval
Australia Skilled Migrant Program Approval In Principle
Malaysia Property Purchase successful case
  • 2015 Quebec QIIP

    -40% market share in Asia with over 400 quotas reserved by fund company every year (2015-17). -GLOBEVISA settled the worlds’ first interview free immigration processing on the Quebec QIIP -2015 on the QIIP re-opening, GLOBEVISA achieved 100% Approval, all clients received documentation number.

  • 2013 Hungary Immigration Investment

    First Ever Hungary Immigration Program successful case round the world, As well as the First ever Group Application Approval

  • 2014 Australia 188A Investor Visa

    Submitted over 3,000 applications in Australia Immigration Programs. GLOBEVISA made the world’s first 188A interview free case and the fastest record of 4 Months Approval. After the major policy change in 2012