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CITIZENSHIP Immigrant Program


The effects of globalization have meant that people are moving out of their countries more than ever before. For some, it’s for employment reasons; for others, to enjoy the delights of seeing other parts of the world and finally many people are seeking a second home so that they can choose where they spend their time and use their wealth without any restrictions. Dual citizenship, or multiple nationality, means having two or more citizenships at the same time, which can give you the freedom of choice, and the ability to pick the best options for you and your family. In practice, this means that you can select the safest place to live, the best quality of life, educational institutions, health care systems, exciting business opportunities, and much more. Importantly, dual citizenship is also long lasting, which you can pass from generation to generation. And you can take advantage of the visa-free travel treaties signed by two countries as well.

Different Countries are offering Citizenship by Investment program which allows an applicant to gain the citizenship of country by investing in form of contribution to a government fund which is used to develop the local economy, or investment in pre-approved real estate which is selected by the government and usually includes hotel shares and apartments. In other words, citizenship by investment allows you to become a citizen of a country even if you have no family in that country, and even if you have never lived there. Citizenship by investment is generally open to all who choose to apply, and is especially popular among high net-worth individuals and entrepreneurs looking to make an investment. For years, citizenship by investment has attracted investors who trust the programs and who want to enjoy mobility and a stable and peaceful life. Besides, high- and ultra net worth individuals diligently explore the effect of relocation and obtaining of alternative residence and citizenship to their assets thus to safeguard their wealth from excessive taxation.

In a word owning a dual citizenship gives you a new found freedom that you only dreamt about but can now become a reality. Once you have dual citizenship it makes you feel like a true world citizen.

What Globevisa Group can do for you:

Determining which citizenship program is best for you

Supporting at all points of the application, including documentation preparation, background checks, and where necessary representation in front of the government

Identifying the most secure direct investment for you

Helping you choose the best property investment where necessary

Explaining the opportunities for travel, business and education

Offering seamless service from home to target country

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