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Coming of the CRS Tsunami: Who will be the victims?

  • Immigrants

    Who has immigrated and has settled assets in different countries. With the CRS agreement, participating countries will annually automatically exchange with one another country individual and entity reportable accounts information, and immigrants will face recovery tax.

  • Overseas investors

    Whose financial products including assets, bonds and stocks settled in CRS participated countries, will be pursued of legality, source of fund and tax payment regardless of immigration status.

  • Established Trust Products

    Will have clients, trustees, committees and beneficiaries disclosed by CRS

  • Purchased Insurance Products

    Which are purchased with advanced value in CRS participating countries (including Hong Kong) will be disclosed by CRS.

  • Shareholder of Shell Company

    Registered bank accounts and purchased wealth investment products under registered company account in countries with low or zero tax rates such as BVI, Cayman Islands and Bermuda, will be disclosed by CRS.

  • Shareholder of Trade Corporation

    For example: branch company started by Chinese tax resident will be considered as Chinese tax resident enterprises, with 25% of enterprise income tax shall be paid,and same philosophy for all anticipated countries. Any unpaid tax will be pursued by the original government.

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CRS, the Nightmare to Billionaires

Tax recovery

Tax recovery ranging from Personal income tax, corporate income tax, capital gain tax to overdue tax

Legal Risk

Taxation Bureau/ Inland Revenue Department of the CRS participating countries requests recovery tax and overdue tax, and will perform integrated review. Serious act of tax evasion will be legally penalized, imprisoned and sentenced crime of evading tax, etc.

Time is Ticking - Asset Planning is On a Clock

Starting from 1st January, 2017 Due Diligence will be conducted to personal and entity accounts to identify non-tax residents.
before 31st December, 2017 Completion of due diligence to personal accounts with more than USD 1,000,000 savings.
before 30th September, 2018 Completion of first-time reportable accounts information exchange, and exchange periodically afterwards.
before 31st December, 2018 Completion of due diligence to all remaining account owners to identify non-resident accounts.
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Custom-made Asset Planning By World-class Professional Group

  • Professional lawyer team analyses current clients’assets allocations

    Globevisa will provide analysis and suggestions according to different client situations.

  • Globevisa Exclusive identity Planner Will Professionally Plan and Execute Programs to Obtain Multiple Nationalities

    Globevisa exclusively provides legal passport immigration programs of 8 countries, and all-round analysis ranging from program fees, travel access, processing time to details of due diligence. The team ensures 100% of successful rate and exclusive guidance on passport usage.

  • Superb and Premium Wealth Management Team to Advise and Suggest Accordingly

    Guidance on assembling suitable financial, stable, and well-performed wealth investment and insurance products in countries with the lowest capital gain tax.

  • Which is the Best Escape Route from CRS? Take Advice from Professional Overseas Property Managers

    For the moment, only overseas properties are exempted from the CRS investigations. Globevisa Group will provide wide range of potential property options from United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Thailand, to legally avoid tax and receive profits.

  • Worldwide Branches with Value-added Services

    Globevisa Group is the greatest immigration company with its headquarter in Hong Kong, and 20 branches in total, located in cities including Singapore, Vancouver, Toronto, Melbourne, Malaysia, Spain, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Globevisa Group provides one-stop services including passport stimulation, passport registration, and overseas wealth management.

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