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Greece is a country in southeastern Europe, with a population of approximately 11 million as of 2015. Athens is the nation's capital and largest city, followed by Thessaloniki. Greece is strategically located at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa. Greece is considered the cradle of Western civilization, being the birthplace of democracy, Western philosophy, the Olympic Games, Western literature, historiography, political science, major scientific and mathematical principles, and Western drama. Greece is a democratic and developed country with an advanced high-income economy, a high quality of life, and a very high standard of living. A founding member of the United Nations, Greece was the tenth member to join the European Communities (precursor to the European Union) and has been part of the Eurozone since 2001.

Why Greece

High quality medical system

Greek spend 10.1% of GDP on medical systems, far more than that of British, Americans and Australians. Permanent Residence can enjoy free public medical services in Greece. Greek medical system ranked 14th in the world.

Antique and ancient culture

Greece is the starter of the Olympic Games, in which its culture has hundreds of years of history. The country consist of numerous historical buildings and prestigious heritage, and extraordinary natural sceneries, a combination of culture and lifestyle.

High Quality Education System

Public education from primary schools to University are free, with the courses mainly taught in Greek. Expenses for Greek International Schools are usually around Euro 5000-13000, including famous American and British school branches.

Great food, people and lifestyle

Greece has a nutritious and good combination of food, and Greek are mostly friendly and helpful. The community is genuine and peaceful, with world class sceneries, the standard of living in Greece in of high quality.

Why Greece Property Purchase

Lowest price in investment amount, property purchase tax, expense

Fastest process time of 3 to 6 months

Lowest cost of living

Start of European Civilization and Culture with Best Environment


Age of 18 or above

Purchase of property worth of Euro 250000 in Greece

Can bring along spouse, children aged below 21, parents of applicant and spouse

No criminal record

Why Globevisa Group

Highest Visa application successful rate

Industry leader with 30% market share

Over 20 Years of Experience

Large scale project crew

Value-added Services

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