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Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program


Grenada, known as the ‘Isle of Spice,’ is one of the most magnificent islands in the West Indies. Unspoiled and exotic, it astounds visitors with its wildly jagged mountain peaks, hidden coves, spice plantations, and lush verdant rainforests. Its beaches are idyllic, with white or golden sand, palm trees, and the delicate aroma of the island’s native spices. In addition to its scenery, Grenada offers culture, fun, and friendliness typical of the authentic Caribbean life – making Grenada the perfect place in which to live, work and play. The government system is a parliamentary democracy and a Commonwealth realm. It is a member of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS).

Why Grenada?

The only CIP which holds an E–2 Investor Visa Treaty with the US, allowing Grenadian nationals the opportunity to enter and work in the US, and children under 21 to study in the US

The only CIP in the Caribbean that offers successful applicants visa–free access to China

Holders of the Grenada passport enjoy visa free travel to 120 countries, including the UK, the European Union,China, Singapore Hong Kong and the countries of the Schengen area

No foreign income, wealth, gift, inheritance, or capital gains tax

No restriction on the repatriation of profits and imported capita

Social and political security reinforced by its membership in the United Nations and the Commonwealth of Nations

Duty-free trading in the Caribbean

Generous incentive packages including corporate tax incentives, full exemption from import duties, tax relief benefits, and export allowance

The perfect setting for both adventure and relaxation; its wildlife attractions, marine life, and national parks make it an exciting place to explore

Dual citizenship allowed

Legal Basis

Grenada’s Citizenship by Investment Programme allows individuals and their families to obtain citizenship or permanent residence. The Citizenship by Investment Programme came into being in August 2013, when the Grenadian Parliament passed Act No. 15 of 2013, otherwise referred to as the ‘Grenada Citizenship by Investment Act, 2013.’ The stated objective of the Act is to “enable persons to acquire permanent residence and citizenship of Grenada by registration following investment in Grenada.”

Advantages of Citizenship by Investment Program (CIP)

Minimal processing fees

Lowest capital investment

Fastest turnaround from application to citizenship in approximately 60 days.

No interview, education, or management experience required.

No requirement to reside in Grenada before or after citizenship is granted.

Well-known, stable and established investment environment.

Lifetime citizenship including four generations (a couple with parents, children and grandparents)


Aged 18 or above

No criminal record

Good health with no contagious disease

Two Investment Options:

A minimum non-refundable contribution to the National Transformation Fund of USD 200,000

An investment in an approved project in Grenada


Free assessment & consultation

Service agreement signing

Payment of due diligence fee, legal fee and government possessing fee as well as upon application

Documentation submission

Review and background check

Approval in principle

Completion of the NTF or investment and due payment of the balance of the fees

Citizenship certificate and passport

Why Globevisa Group

Industry leader with 60% market share testified by hundreds of clients

Expertise in documentation preparation with a guarantee of 100% success rate

Designated agency granted by Grenada Authority with first-hand information

Exclusive investment option of “Aquatic Financing”, lower cost, risk free and more simple

The pioneer firm in the industry for investigation in Grenada

Professional guidance from well-known immigration lawyers on the application procedure and support throughout the process

Seamless service from home to target country available on request for clients, such as banking service, tax planning, etc.

Successful Cases

Approval in Principle

Certificate of Citizenship and Passport

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