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Globevisa’s Great Market Share and No.1 China Market for Thailand Elite Program, Thanked by Program President


Globevisa was thanked by Pruet Boobphakam, the president of Thailand Elite Visa department, for the great market and the No.1 China market.

Pruet Boobphakam has mentioned that til 30th September, 2017, the revenue of Thailand Privilege Card (TPC) has reached THB 663 million (approximately US$20 million), which is 64% more than THB 403 million reached at the same time last year.


Till the end of September, 4,877 persons hold TPC (Thailand Privilege Card). 1,021 persons have joined the scheme in the last fiscal year. Since last year, the only profit of this program has been increased to THB 390 million, which has helped reducing the accumulated deficit from THB 890 million to THB 771 million.

Pruet has related the success to cooperation with TAT and Henley and Partners, and as well cooperation with Globevisa Group.


Globevisa has ranked as number one in the market share of Thailand Elite program.

With Thailand Elite program, customers can enjoy the privileges and benefits by residing in Thailand, as well as bank account opening and TIN programs provided by Globevisa Group.

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