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Investors' Tax Heaven: Cyprus



Taxation matters are one of the most important concerns of overseas investors, and plays an important part of assets management and assets security.




First Questions to concern are which country to collect tax from and which taxation system to follow. One thing not to be confused: taxpayer identity is defined by a country’s taxation system instead of nationality.




Once if a person satisfies the standard, including residence or time of stay, the person will have to pay taxes and report taxes to this country. These persons are called tax residents.


Countries with low tax rates and satisfying environment, including Cyprus that has Europe’s lowest tax rate are one of the most popular investment destination.

Cyprus Passport Eligibility:

 Main applicant age of 18

 No criminal record

 A. Investment of EUR 2,000,000 in Cyprus property

 B. Investment of EUR 2,500,000 in Cyprus

The property can be sold after 3 years, and only requires to keep EUR 500,000 of property for self-use.



Income Tax Discount Policy

 Profits earned by setting up a permanent establishment outside the port, will be exempt from enterprise income tax and exempt from personal income tax

 Dividends Income will be corporate income tax-free and personal income tax-free

 Securities sales income will be exempt from corporate income tax and exempt from personal income tax

 Foreign exchange earnings will be free from enterprise income tax and exempt from personal income tax, etc.

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