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Portugal is a sovereign state located on the Iberian Peninsula in southwestern Europe. It is the westernmost country of mainland Europe. Portugal is defined as a Mediterranean climate, and is one of the warmest European countries. Portugal has around 2500 to 3200 hours of sunshine a year, an average of 4–6 h in winter and 10–12 h in the summer. Portugal has been a semi-presidential representative democratic republic since the ratification of the Constitution of 1976. A member state of the United Nations since 1955, Portugal is also a founding member of NATO (1949), OECD (1961) and EFTA (1960). It became the European Union in 1993.

Why Portugal

Balanced Climate

Winters in Portugal are mil and in summer, the weather is hot and dry. the number of hours of sunshine per year reaches values as high as 3300 in the south of the country and 1600 in the north. This favors anyone who loves sunshine.

Friendly people and the language

The Portuguese are friendly people and they welcome all visitors regardless of where they come from. Visitors are from all over the world, and as the country is located on the western coast of Europe and, as such, is a point of entrance into the Schengen zone. A large part of the population speaks foreign languages, specifically English. This convenes communication.

High quality of life with low cost of living

In 2016, Lisbon was voted one of the 42 cities in the world with the best quality of life. Taking New York as standard, Portugal has a much lower cost of living, in criteria such as food, clothing, services, etc.

Excellent geographical location with political stability an clear tax rules

Portugal has an excellent geographical location which it is the meeting point between three continents - Europe, Africa and America. This allows connections to major cities in the world. Portugal is a member of the European Union and forms part of the European Monetary System, using the European single currency. The country is also one of the best countries for buying a house, because it has clear and transparent tax rules and offers facilities for obtaining residence permits

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