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Spain is a sovereign state located on the Iberian Peninsula in southwestern Europe. Spain is the largest country in Southern Europe, the second largest country in Western Europe and the European Union. Spain has three main climatic zones, which can separated into the Mediterranean climate, the semi-arid climate and the oceanic climate. Spain's capitalist mixed economy is the 14th largest worldwide and the 5th largest in the European Union, as well as the Eurozone's 4th largest. The climate of Spain, its geographic location, popular coastlines, diverse landscapes, historical legacy, vibrant culture and excellent infrastructure, has made Spain's international tourist industry among the largest in the world.

Why Spain

Good weather

Attractive sunshine and coastal areas.

Food paradise

Spain has four of its restaurants ranked in the top ten in Europe, and famous for tapas.

Chances for outdoor experience

With its beautiful coast and ocean, there are chances and options for excellent outdoor activities and water spots to enjoy the vacation.

Excellent healthcare system

The Spanish healthcare system is renowned for being among the very best in the world. It is free at the point of service and the country tops the world organ donation rankings.

Friendly and loving society

Spain is a sociable society, where it respect and cherish the elderlies and children. The country has the highest life expectancy in Europe. This could be down to its heathy and delicious diet.

Why Globevisa

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Highest Visa application successful rate

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Qualified lawyer team

Professional lawyer team providing guidance and law services, securing the successful rate and quality.

Partnership with well-known cooperation

Intimate cooperation projects with renowned banks, property brands and financial institutions.

Large scale project crew

Globevisa Group is the only brand that has our own branch office at Spain to provide instant and seamless service from home to target country available on request for clients, such as banking service, tax planning, etc. This helps satisfy client’s needs from home to home, and smoothen the dealing procedures

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