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St. Lucia

St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program


St Lucia is an island nation so beautiful, that it has earned the accolade of ‘Helen of the West Indies’. It rises above the Caribbean Sea, with white sandy beaches, emerald-green rain forests, and effervescent springs. But the island is more than just natural beauty-it is highly stable, being a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), and the International Organization of La Francophonie. St Lucia is a parliamentary democracy with Queen Elizabeth II as its head of state, and its legal system has roots both in the English common law and in civil law. The nation’s official language is English, although Creole French is also widely spoken. The economy of St Lucia is driven by tourism and offshore banking.

Why St. Lucia?

Citizenship for life, with the right to live and work in the peaceful and welcoming country

Visa-free travel to 136 countries/territories, including the Schengen region, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and Singapore, ranking the 37th in the world according to the Visa Restrictions Index

A member of the Commonwealth which entitles citizens to certain privilege in the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth countries

An attractive place to live and own a second home, with excellent air and travel connections to North America and Europe

Dual citizenship is allowed

No residence or visitation requirements

Relatively low crime rate, access to modern facilities, services and infrastructure, world class restaurants and hotels 

No taxes for non-residents

Legal Basis

Saint Lucia's Citizenship by Investment Program was launched in December 2015 following the passage of Act No. 14 of 2015, the Citizenship by Investment Act on 24th August 2015. On Jan. 5, 2017, in exercise of the power conferred under section 40 of the Citizenship by Investment Act, No. 14 of 2015, the Minister to whom the Citizenship by Investment Programme is assigned makes amendments of Regulations.

Advantages of Citizenship by Investment Programme

Applications will be processed within three months

Ability to apply for dependent children and parents are are mentally or physically challenged

Ability to apply for dependent parents 65 years and older who are living with the applicant.

No need to travel to St. Lucia during the application process

No need for face to face interview, education or managerial experience required

No requirement to live in Saint Lucia

Visa-free travel to 136 countries/territories, including the Schengen region, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and Singapore, ranking the 37th in the world according to the Visa Restrictions Index

No tax on worldwide income.

Lifetime citizenship including four generations (a couple with parents, children and grandparents)


Aged 18 or above

No criminal record

Good health with no contagious disease

A non-refundable contribution made into the Saint Lucia National Economic Fund amounting to USD 100,000 depending on the number of dependents included in the application


Free assessment & consultation

Service agreement signing

Payment of due diligence fee, legal fee as well as government possessing fee upon application

Documentation submission

Review and background check

Approval in principle

Completion of the contribution

Citizenship certificate and passport

Why Globevisa Group

Industry leader with 85% market share testified by hundreds of clients

Expertise in documentation preparation with a guarantee of 100% success rate

One of the first international firms to set foot in the country and get the first successful case

Trusted partner granted by St. Lucia Authority

Professional guidance from well-known immigration lawyers on the application procedure and support throughout the process

Seamless service from home to target country available on request for clients, suck as banking service, tax planning, etc.

Successful Cases

Approval in Principle

Certificate of Citizenship and Passport

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