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Being famous in its tourism attractions and one of the must-to-go travel spot, Thailand has become one popular destination for business development or residency. The country has the 20th largest economy, major in manufacturing, agriculture and tourism sectors. It has a population of around 68 million and 3rd largest area in the South East Asia. It is divided into three seasons: rainy season, winter and summer.

Why Thailand

Dynamic gateway to a fast growing economic market with new opportunities

As rated 2nd in ease of doing business among emerging economies in East Asia With market size of 23.5 trillion and population of 3.9 billion, Thailand serves a growing economy, world-class infrastructure, competitive human capital and strong government support. The country has gained a solid reputation as a second home for various global multinational enterprises (MNEs). Establishment of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) facilitates free flows of goods and free trade agreements (FTA) with numerous trading partners worldwide that supports free and fair global trade.

Cost-effective and variety of education offer

Thailand has ranked 1st in terms of affordability in cost of living, and has 111 international schools with different education systems, e.g. IB, AUS,UK, US, providing  wide variety of high quality education offer in different questions.

High quality health care system

In terms of health care system, there are thousand private and public hospitals with internationally trained doctors, which at least 36 hospitals with JCI accreditation. Thailand is one of the top medical tourist’s destinations in Asia.

Ideal vacation spot

Great number of recreation and leisure activities for families to engage in weekends and holidays. Thailand, also named the Land of Smile, was nominated the World’s Least Miserable Live in Asia by Bloomberg, with the lowest misery index.

Why Globevisa Group

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