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VanuatuHonorary Citizenship Nomination


Located at the south-west of Pacific Ocean, about 1750 kilometers east of Australia, Vanuatu  consists of around 80 islands with population of around 250,000. It has become a member of United Nations and Commonwealth of Nations since its independence in 1980. English and French are both official languages and the majority believe in Christianity. It has rich natural resources as well as tourism attractions. Vanuatu was ranked as “The Happiest Country in the World” by New Economic Foundation in 2006 and 2010. 

Why Vanuatu?

Stable political environment with well-developed democratic system

A well-developed offshore financial service center in the South Pacific region

Mature legal system with common law applied

A zero tax haven. VAT (consumption tax) is the only tax applied in the country

No personal income tax, corporation tax, profits tax, capital gain tax, estate duty, etc.

No foreign exchange control; capital funds can move in and out free from restrictions

High-recognized citizenship of Commonwealth of Nations

Ranked the highest in the “Ease of Doing Business” index in the region by a World Bank’s survey in 2009

Included in the “White List” of Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in June 2011

US dollar commonly used in the country

Dual citizenship allowed

The Happiest Country in the World

Legal Basis

On March 2015, Vanuatu was hit and badly damaged by the Cyclone Pam, considered the strongest in South Pacific, and the economic loss caused by the cyclone was huge. In the view of this, the Vanuatu Government introduced various economic recovery measures to rehabilitate the economy and improve the living of its people. The Vanuatu Economic Rehabilitation Program (“VERP”) is one of the measures to invite foreign individuals to make contribution to the country. According to the program, a foreign individual who contributes to the Vanuatu Government for no less than USD130,000 would be nominated and subsequently awarded Honorary Citizen status by the Vanuatu Government as a token of gratitude.

Vanuatu Citizenship Act [CAP 112] Section 20 stipulates that foreign individual who has contributed or will contribute to the advancement and betterment of the development process in Vanuatu can be nominated by the Vanuatu’s Prime Minister to attain the Honorary Citizenship. The Citizenship Act also stipulates that honorary citizens shall be entitled to all rights of an ordinary citizen. The laws not only legitimize the program but also formalize all the requirements and procedures for honorary citizenship nomination under VERP.

Advantages of Honorary Citizenship

Mature legal system

Fully supported by the Vanuatu Government

Limited quota for the Honorary Citizen

No landing or residing requirements

No language, education or business experience requirement

No explanation for sources of funds

No medical examination

Quick approval (normally within 30 working days) with low cost

Simple application process with no interview required

Lifetime citizenship including three generations (a couple with parents and children)

Visas waiver for 126 countries and regions including all EU and Schengen countries, Singapore, Macau, Hong Kong, etc for Vanuatu passport holders

Dual citizenship allowed


Aged 18 or above (His/her spouse, children aged below 18, unmarried children aged between 18 and 25 who are receiving full-time education, and parents aged above 50 can also be included in the application)

No criminal record

Assets certification of USD$450,000 under Principal Applicant’s name

Contribution of USD$ 130,000 to the Government of Vanuatu


Free assessment & consultation

Service agreement signing

Preliminary background check

Payment of contribution and due diligence fee

Documentation submission

Review by Citizenship Commission

Prime Minister’s nomination & President’s recommendation

Approval in principle issued by Citizenship Commission

Oath of allegiance

Honorary citizenship certificate and passport

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Successful Cases

Approval in Principle

Oath of Allegiance

Certificate of Honorary Citizenship and Passport

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