Business Support

The single best way to protect your money, grow your wealth and safeguard your assets, would be offshore banking. We makes it simpler to manage your financial commitments across multiple countries and region, assisting you to become a true diversified global citizen.

Image by Dmitry Demidko

Personal Bank Account Opening

Some bank accounts have high acceptance globally. Globevisa provides guidance for 3 months after opening the account successfully, connecting our clients with the banks without time difference and language barrier. 

Corporate Bank Account Opening

With a certain amount  of  activation capital, one can open a bank account in other countries which have high recognition globally. 

Company Registration

Advantages include but are not limited to overseas cash withdraw, credit card, e-bank and telegraphic transfer, as well as bank account manager without cultural differences. Globevisa offers a 3-months maintaining service. 

Reasons to open an offshore bank account

"What you’re after is a functional bank account that helps you accumulate more wealth and diversify to avoid risks".

Successful cases 

“I was about to give up but then I met them. You can't believe how smoothly the process went through”