The Story Between a Chinese Company and Globevisa

Today, let’s take a look at a case study of a Chinese company. We believe this is a situation many employers may encounter, and we hope these experiences can provide valuable insights for everyone to learn from.


Client Background

The client is a company based in Beijing, mainly engaged in the steel engineering and technology industry. Currently, the company has around 40 Chinese employees. This year, as the business expands overseas, the company plans to hire a foreign colleague from Russia for the position of International Marketing Manager. The foreign colleague graduated from a university in Russia 20 years ago and has since worked extensively in the local market, possessing profound experience in the field of marketing in Russia. He is a professional talent.


Employer Seeks Professional Assistance

The client company is quite mature, but the process of hiring a foreigner is completely different from hiring a Chinese national. Therefore, the company does not have a perfect system for employing foreign personnel. The foreign colleague is still in Russia, and the employer is unsure how to legally bring him to China step by step. What visas need to be processed during this period? The Foreign Expert Bureau has a multi-step approval process; should they prepare documents for each step? After entering the country, they also need to complete entry and exit procedures within 30 days. The client finds these policies too cumbersome and fears making mistakes. The employer is already busy with plans to develop overseas markets and will not have the energy to focus on personnel systems. To avoid the risk of illegal employment and to smoothly implement their overseas plans, the employer decides to seek external assistance and find a professional organization to handle the work visa for the foreign colleague.


After contacting Globevisa, the employer first sent the foreign colleague’s resume for evaluation. After reviewing it, we found that the foreign colleague’s background was very professional. Although there might be difficulties in preparing the documents, Globevisa was confident in handling the case. The employer then asked several detailed questions and found that Globevisa was very familiar with the documentation process, and their responses were very professional. The employer felt relieved to hand over this headache to Globevisa for an easy solution. After reviewing a large number of successful cases handled by Globevisa, the employer felt confident and officially entrusted us with handling the company’s first foreign employee. Our cooperation began.


Application Process for Foreigner Work Permit Visa of China

During the document preparation process, the Globevisa documentation team carefully guided the foreign colleague in Russia to prepare the required documents, patiently explaining the Chinese government’s requirements for the documents. For example, in Russia, there is no direct equivalent of “undergraduate” degree; they refer to it as “specialist” locally, and the foreign colleague was not familiar with the term “undergraduate.” Additionally, the work certificates issued in Russia follow their own local customs, and the initial document format did not meet the requirements of the Chinese government. However, with the enthusiastic assistance of the documentation team, the foreign colleague quickly understood the Chinese procedural requirements and efficiently prepared all the Russian documents.


By mid-March, the case received approval, and the Russian colleague subsequently entered China. In Beijing, they completed the medical examination, obtained the temporary residence permit (also known as the “little blue card”), and finalized the last step of entry and exit residency permit. With guidance from Globevisa every step of the way, the foreign individual successfully completed all post-entry procedures within 30 days without wasting a single day. Finally, they were granted a two-year work visa for China in one go. The professional service provided by Globevisa ensured a very positive experience for both the foreign colleague and the employer. The employer expressed sincere gratitude and sent a thank-you letter to Globevisa after the process concluded.

English translation: “I signed a contract with Globevisa in February 2024 to handle the Foreigner Work Permit Visa of China. I am very grateful for the patient service provided by Olivia ZHU from the work permit visa department. Currently, the Russian national has successfully entered the country and obtained a two-year residence permit. I sincerely appreciate the efforts of Globevisa and Olivia ZHU!”


Common Pain Points for Chinese Employers

This employer is just a representation of many Chinese enterprises. Currently, there are many businesses in China looking to expand their operations overseas, and many of them choose to hire foreign nationals for marketing purposes, initiating their overseas expansion. However, the process of hiring foreign nationals is very cumbersome, requiring preparation, application, and approval at every step, with each case involving four government approvals. There are many details in the documentation process, and company personnel cannot grasp the entire process in a short time. Therefore, seeking cooperation with professional organizations externally is a highly efficient choice.


Globevisa has helped thousands of Chinese employers obtain work permits for their foreign colleagues, including companies from various industries such as trade, consulting, manufacturing, finance, research, real estate, and more, covering companies of various scales including listed companies, foreign-funded enterprises, and startups. We handle cases from all over the country, accumulating experience in dealing with over 384 different city-level foreign expert bureaus. Regardless of the employer’s location, they can confidently entrust their cases to Globevisa. Additionally, Globevisa has handled cases from nearly 100 countries, and our team is well-versed in the characteristics of local documents from different countries. Choosing Globevisa allows our all-English team to handle document coordination, providing peace of mind and saving effort for employers. If you have any questions during the process of hiring foreign nationals, feel free to consult us anytime.


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