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Citizenship by Investment


The program is a cost-efficient migration route to Turkey, one of the EU candidate countries. Through investing an amount of USD 250,000 in real estate or making a deposit of USD 500,000, applicants can acquire Turkish citizenship and obtain a Turkey passport.


Moreover, Turkish citizenship is also regarded as a springboard to U.S. residency. As one of the U.S. E-2 Treaty countries, Turkey grants those who have Turkish citizenship fast track access to the U.S. With a U.S. E-2 Visa on the Turkey passport, Turkish citizens can enjoy similar benefits as Green Card owners do in the U.S. Thus, this Turkey migration program facilitates overseas investment, citizenship planning and global travelling.

Program Benefits

Time To Citizenship

6-8 Months

Visa Free Travel

125 Countries and Regions

Passport Rank

50th In the world

Residency Requirements

No Residency Requirements


No Worldwide Taxation

​Established Time

Citizenship Program Launched in 2017

Investment Options

To obtain citizenship in Turkey, you can choose one of the two paths: 

1. Deposit $500,000 into personal account in a Turkish bank and maintain it for 3 years. 

2. Purchasing a real estate that values more than $250,000 and maintaining it for 3 years.