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United Kingdom Family Visa

long-term visa for more than 6 months 

Program Introduction

If your family has UK status (work visa, permanent residence PR, or citizenship) and you wish to come to the

UK to live with them (settled for more than 6 months), you will need to apply for a dependant visa, which allows you to apply to live with your spouse (or de facto marriage partner), children or parents in the UK 

Dependents can work, start their own businesses and study in the UK, and receive benefits such as free health care and free state education.

Eligibility Criteria

1. Spouse Visa:

  • At least 16 years old

  • The marriage relationship with the guarantor is real and valid, and relevant supporting materials should be presented

  • Live with your spouse permanently

  • The applicant must prove that he/she has sufficient living allowance (more than 6000 GBP

  •  per person is recommended).

  • Pass a physical examination for tuberculosis

 2. Child Visa:

  • For children outside the UK, they must be under the age of 18. For children in the UK over 18, they must be unmarried, in school, and financially dependent on their parents

  • There is a true kinship or adoption relationship with the guarantor, and relevant supporting materials should be presented

  • The applicant must have a sufficient living allowance ( more than 6000 GBP per person is recommended)

  • Pass a physical examination for tuberculosis

UK Family Visa Program Advantages

1. Low requirements:

No assets, income requirements, no language requirements, only to prove the real legitimacy of the relationship with the family in the UK


2. Many benefits:

Can enjoy free public health care, and public education welfare; Spouses are allowed to work, start businesses, and study, and children are allowed to study


3. Less cost:

There is no investment and start-up cost input, only visa processing costs, you can get permanent residence status


4. Fast cycle:

You can land in the UK in as little as two to six months to join your family and enjoy the benefits of the big country

Why apply throw us?

  1. High professionalism, guaranteed success rate

  • The project team has rich practical experience in applying for various types of UK visas and successful cases of visa rejection in the UK and other countries. We provide professional services and guidance for customers, with low supplementary materials and a low interview rate 

  2. Rich product lines

  • With a rich and complete product line from identity planning and landing home, to meet more service needs, let customers feel at ease, worry, and rest assured

  3.  UK direct service team

  • In order to guarantee the service quality and service experience, Global's direct team in the UK, Chinese, and British team linkage to provide customers with no time difference and intimate service

 4. Industry benchmarking service

  • Provide full service with a supervision system. After the launch, in order to establish a customer-specific service group, the project director, consultant, and general manager will follow up the whole process to ensure service quality and supervise the progress of the case

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